Content managers are admins who only have access to the Content tab.

When you add a new team member, by default, they'll be an admin, but you can change their role to Content Manager.

To add a Content Manager:

Navigate to your name on the bottom left of the menu sidebar and click Manage Team

Click on Invite Members and add the member's name and email address

- If you want to add more than one member, you can create a CSV file and upload it by clicking on Upload CSV with the following information: name, email (e.g., Jane Doe,

After adding the member, refresh the page for the person to appear

To change the role of a member, click on Edit, and under Role, select Content Manager

When the Content Manager logs in, the tabs that they have access to will be bolded. They will only be able to change and revise content. Their page will look like the following:

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