To live stream on Uscreen, you're going to need third-party encoding software/hardware and a camera/microphone. You can choose whichever encoding software works best for you as long as it supports the RTMP protocol.

We've got a few options that we've documented the setup process for:

Web Browser Apps

Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps

Technical Recommendations

We recommend the following settings in your encoding software:

  • Video Codec - H.264 (Main Profile)

  • Audio Codec - AAC

If these aren't options in your encoding software, no problem. Their default profiles are likely fine.

Great Quality - 1080p 30fps

  • Bitrate - 5000 kbps

  • Keyframe Interval - 2 seconds

  • Minimum upload speed - 7.5 Mbps

Good Quality - 720p 30fps

  • Bitrate - 3500 kbps

  • Keyframe Interval - 2 seconds

  • Minimum upload speed - 5 Mbps

Works Okay - 480p 30fps

  • Bitrate - 1000 kbps

  • Keyframe Interval - 5 seconds

  • Minimum upload speed - 3.5 Mbps

When you navigate to Live Events, under the Content tab, you can add Live Events in advance by entering details, images, a trailer, and pricing information. Once set up, you can make it available for pre-registration so that customers can view it in your catalog before the event goes live.

Finally, when you are ready to go live, you will return to the Content tab, go to Live Events, find the live event you want to go live, and click Edit.

Test your connection and then go live! After the event is finished, the video of your live event will automatically appear in your list of videos on the content tab, so you can publish it to your catalog after the event.

We highly recommend that you watch this video tutorial before you begin live streaming with Uscreen. This video covers everything from how to set up live streaming, common situations you'll encounter, and our best practices for smooth streaming.

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