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The great news about live streaming is that if you've got a laptop, then you've got all the gear you need to start a basic stream—or at least to test that it's working for you. And while you don't need a camera, we're going to assume you do want to be seen by your users. So let's get started with a few suggestions that can help you get up and running with live streaming.


You'll want a computer with an i7 core processor (common in most newer Macs and PCs), or something like AMD Ryzen 7 to ensure you have enough CPU. You'll also want to have at least 8GB of RAM and ensure you will not have other processes running in the background while live streaming on your device.


Laptop built-in Mic: this is your default option. However, for not too much of an investment you can get a great mic for a low cost, so while it's alright to test things out with a laptop mic, we really recommend buying a stand-alone mic.

Rode VideoMic Go: A great entry-level mic that is mountable on a camera or tripod. You're going to be able to stand at a decent distance from this mic and still sound great.

Rode VideoMic Pro+: If you're looking to make a solid investment, the VideoMic Pro+ is a superb mic.


Laptop built-in Camera: Now unlike a built-in mic, most laptop webcams aren't too bad, but what you sacrifice is portability. If you want some freedom to be able to change your view, then you're going to need a stand-alone camera.

Logitech Streamcam: A great starter camera that has the flexibility of movement and high quality.

Sony a5100: Now if you want to upgrade to a camera where you'll have flexibility on lens tripods and more, the Sony a5100 is a good starting point. It's not exactly plug and play, so be ready to invest some time learning about basic camera knowledge.

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