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Content Watch Time Report
Content Watch Time Report
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The Watch Time report lets you know how much users have watched on your site as well as your apps. You can hover over a data point on the graph to see each day's watched time, or you can check that information under the graph.

To get to the report, navigate to Analytics and click Watch Time. The watched time displayed will be of the previous 30 days.

Please be aware that the hours of viewing time provided for your content are only estimates. Although we strive to offer the most accurate information possible, no platform can guarantee minute-by-minute tracking with 100% accuracy. These estimates are intended to give you a general sense of your audience's engagement and should be used as a helpful reference, rather than an exact measure.

If you would like a report of the previous month, change the date by clicking on the Date box above the graph. Select a date range from the calendar.

NOTE: When determining viewer watch time, skipped time is not taken into consideration, only the time spent actively viewing content.

The graph's data will be provided on a rolling 12-month period. If you are seeking analytics data that is older than the last 12 months, please reach out to for assistance in retrieving this data.

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