Set a Promoted Category on the Home Page
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The best way to feature videos and collections on your Home Page is to enable the Promoted Category block in the theme editor and select a category.

Note: Select a category that contains published content.

Navigate to the Customization tab and click Customize.

Select Theme home page from the Storefront home page dropdown (if you haven't already set this as your home page). Then click on Customize page directly below it. On the left sidebar, under Blocks, click on Promoted Category. Within the Category option, select which category you want to have promoted on your home page and Save the changes.

NOTE: Most themes include a block on the Home Page called Promoted Category.
If your theme does not have a featured category block, it may be under a different name, for example, Ara theme = "Most Watched", Phoenix theme = "Browse Programs", and Pyxis theme = "First Tab".

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