Your customers may wish to download videos from your storefront to a device for offline viewing. By default, videos are not available for download, but you can enable downloading on individual videos at any time.

NOTE: If you have native apps, secure in-app downloading is available by default so that customers can download videos within the app and watch the in-app offline for 30 days after download. In-app downloading is separate from the download settings on the web platform.

Viewing downloaded videos on mobile apps uses no data unless the user is connected to wifi, at which time, very minimal data will be used as the app updates our servers of usage. The downloading of videos on apps can use standard data of around 1 minute of 1080p video is usually around 20MB.


Navigate to video you want to allow downloading for under Content > Videos and click Edit. Then scroll down and toggle the Allow Downloading option.

If a video is available for download, the download button will appear on the video page under the player in the bottom right corner. The download button will only be visible to logged in customers and subscribers who have access to view and download the video.


Please note that in browsers such as Chrome, Safari & Firefox, the download opens in a new tab.

For Chrome - in the new tab, click the 3 vertical dots to then select Download.

For both Safari & Firefox - in the new tab, right click the screen and select ‘Save as’ to save the file to your device.

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