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ScaleEngine is a web-based streaming application where you can host streams on your own network. They have a handy "Restreaming" option that will allow you to send your streams into Uscreen.

On their Control Panel, you're going to see Your Streams, Your Channels, and Your Switchboards. Clicking on any of them, scroll down to see a Push Publishing (Restreaming) option:

Click Add Push and on the following page enter the below information:

Your Stream Key is custom to each stream so make sure you're using the stream key for the live event you've created.

For the Source Stream and Source App, you'll need to look at your stream settings and choose which option from there you want to use. Yours will look something like this:


Now to get restreaming:

Back on your dashboard, click Connect and you'll be set!

Now Uscreen should be receiving your stream from ScaleEngine but before you go live make sure you give your Live Event a test.

Again, under the Stream tab, click on Test Player. If you see video/content from ScaleEngine you are ready to go live.

Just note, that you sometimes have to wait a good 30 seconds to see your content.

If ready, click Go Live and your live event has begun!

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