Live Stream with StreamYard
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StreamYard is a highly recommended web-based encoding software. You get some awesome features like the ability to add a guest remotely to stream with you without them having to download any software. There is an easy way to add graphical overlays on top of your stream and also save upcoming live events in StreamYard, so you don't have to worry about adding in-stream keys right before the event starts. All can be done in advance. You can learn more about what it offers and its plans by accessing

Make sure you've got a Mic and Webcam setup to start live streaming.

Navigate to Content, then go to Live Events to first create a live event.

If you haven't created a live event before, make sure to check our help article for detailed instructions.

On the Stream tab, you're going to see a Stream URL and a Stream Key. These are needed so StreamYard can link with Uscreen. You will need to copy both the URL and the key to start streaming.

Since stream keys can be reused, you will have to wait at least 5 minutes from event to event to reuse the same key. If you are creating a completely new live event, then you won't need to worry about that.

In StreamYard, navigate to Create a Broadcast and click on the Plus sign to add a new destination. Select RTMP Server to add your streaming info. In the RTMP server URL, paste your Stream URL. Then under Stream Key, paste your Stream Key. Finally, add a Nickname so you can distinguish your different destinations. Click on Add RTMP Server, and the new destination has been created.

After adding all of your live stream's information, then you should add a Title to your stream within StreamYard so you have all of your live streams organized. Then click Create Broadcast.

When getting to the studio, click Allow Mic/Cam Access.

Add your Display Name and click Enter Broadcast Studio.

On the right-hand corner, select Go Live, so you can test your stream.

Uscreen should be receiving your stream from StreamYard, but before you go live, make sure you give your Live Event a test. Go to Content and click Live Events. Select the Live Event you want to stream and click Edit. Then under the Stream tab, click on Test Player. If you see your video/content from StreamYard, you are ready to go live.

Just note that you sometimes have to wait a good 30 seconds to see your content.

To know more about running a live event with StreamYard, please refer to its help guides. If you prefer to watch tutorials, you can watch StreamYard's tutorial series.

If ready, click Go Live, and your live event has begun! Remember that as soon as you click on Go Live, whatever you are streaming will appear to your users, so you can start talking right away!

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