Switcher Studio is a mobile streaming solution that works with Uscreen via RTMP.

To get started you just need your iPhone or iPad.


Navigate to Content > Live Events to first create a live event.

If you haven't created a live event before make sure to check out our help article on that.


On the Stream tab you're going to see a Stream URL and a Stream Key. These are needed for Switcher Studio to link with Uscreen.

Unlike a few other streaming services, your stream key is going to be unique to each live event.

Now in Switcher Studio you'll see the Custom RTMP option:


Go ahead and click it and then click the + icon on the next page to enter details:


You can give it a Channel Nickname and paste in the Stream URL and Stream Key.


You'll probably want to up the video resolution and bitrate according to what your computer can handle. See our guide here.

Now Uscreen should be receiving your stream from Switcher Studio but before you go live make sure you give your Live Event a test.


Again, under the Stream tab, click on Test Player. If you see video/content from Switcher Studio you are ready to go live.


Just note, that you sometimes have to wait a good 30 seconds to see your content.

If ready, click Go Live and your live event has begun!

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