Bundles have a few purposes.

They can act as a way to upsell customers who are attempting to rent or purchase content. When a customer goes to purchase or rent say a video, if that video belongs to a bundle they'll see the option to purchase the bundle as well. Of course, the bundle needs to include additional videos to make the bundle worth purchasing.

Bundles don't need to be permanently available in your store either. You can run a New Years promotion and make a bundle of content available at a special price for two weeks if you wanted. Once those two weeks have passed, simply make the bundle private.

Freebie bundles allow you to include a bundle of videos for free when a customer creates an account.

There are three types of bundles:

  • Fixed Price - Unlimited access for a one-time payment
  • Rental - Temporary access to a bundle for a time frame you set (the countdown for rental bundles starts as soon as the end-user gains ownership of the content, not when the end-user views the content nor when content is scheduled content is released - for this reason, it's best not to sell scheduled release content in rental bundles until the content has published)
  • Freebie - Provides unlimited access for customers who create an account

Navigate to the Bundles tab to get started.


Before you create a bundle, it's important to not overwhelm your customers with too many purchasing options. If you're offering a monthly and annual subscription then that's what your customers are going to see first when clicking Get Access Now on your content. If the content has one time purchase price and a rental option AND a bundle, it's starting to get overwhelming. You can see here in my store I've got five options:


Two subscriptions, the ability to rent the video, purchase the video, and a bundle that includes the video.

While, we don't prevent you from creating multiple bundles with the same content, it's best to avoid it. Try to stick with no more than three options here as it can scare customers away when they see so many options.

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