Before selling your content, you'll need to connect your site to a payment provider which will allow you to provide your customers with a payment option and let you get paid. However, before you choose a payment provider, please consider which one would be best for you.

Uscreen supports credit card processing through Stripe and At this time, Uscreen doesn't support additional payment options like bitcoin, bank debit, iDeal, Alipay, Apple Pay or SEPA, etc.

If you do require these options, please read about our recommendation, here. Otherwise, if you'd like to see these options available on our platform, please provide your feedback directly to our product team, here.

You can choose between two primary payment providers: Stripe or PayPal is an additional option that can be set up after you have connected a primary payment provider.


We highly recommend Stripe if you're in a country that Stripe supports. You're going to get instant payouts as customers make purchases on your storefront as Stripe handles all the heavy lifting with payments ๐Ÿ’ช. You'll have to be approved by Stripe during the signup process. To connect Stripe, follow these instructions. has a broad range of merchants to which you can connect. To connect to, follow these instructions.

We only recommend using if you do not qualify for a Stripe account. If you are considering connecting to, you must connect a fresh/empty account. Accounts with existing user payment information may present a problem for your site, so we require a brand new account before connecting to Uscreen.

NOTE: When using as your payment provider, the Gift Card feature won't be available.


PayPal is available for USD, GBP, Euro, and AUD currencies. Uscreen also manages these payouts which are released monthly on the 1st. To add PayPal, follow these instructions. To view your upcoming payouts, go to the Sales tab and select the Payouts Report. Paypal payments are not transferrable to other payment providers or other PayPal accounts, this is a limitation of how PayPal itself.

NOTE: On the Payouts Report page, the Amount on Hold is displayed for the current month. Additional funds from the previous month will not be displayed, but are still in the process of being paid out. You can read more about payouts here.

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