With Uscreen, we do all the heavy lifting for hosting your content. This includes an automatically generated public storefront where your customers can browse your catalog, purchase content, and signup for subscriptions.

You'll also be able to install a home page theme that is optimize to convert visitors into paying customers.

Important Terminology

Before you dive in, here's some really important terminology to understand:

Storefront - You'll sometimes see this referred to as your site, but your storefront includes all the pages of your website. Home page, checkout pages, signup page, subscription pages, and any others you add with our built-in CMS.

Home Page - This is a special page that you can install one of our awesomely optimized themes. It only appears for signed out users.

Checkout Pages - This can be referred to as the Join page as well. Your customers will see subscriptions here or content like bundles or rentals they want to purchase. They will then be prompted to create an account and enter their payment information to complete the checkout. You'll also find Gift Card pages included in Checkout Pages.

Catalog Page - This is where your customers browse videos.

Content Page - This is where your customers watch videos.

After you've created some content and setup a payment provider, the basics of getting started with your storefront are as follows:

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