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Themes. How to change a theme? How to use a theme library?

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You can easily change the look of your home page with our pre-built themes. Once you've selected a theme of your choice, you can customize the colors, branding, images, blocks, text, etc., according to your brand.

All themes are responsive and mobile-friendly, so you know the site will look great regardless of how your customers access your home page.

Add a new theme

To add a new theme to your library, click on Add Theme, browse our selection of ready-to-use themes, and click Add to Library.

Each theme will have a set of what we call Blocks. In the below example, you can see all of the blocks you can add and customize. The two blocks in the example are the Hero Banner and the Benefits.

Learn more about how to build pages here.

Once you edit your page, all changes are usually saved as a draft. To publish them to your audience look for a "Publish" button in the top right corner.

Changing Themes

You can change your site's theme at any time. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to Website.

  2. Click on "Add Theme" under the Theme Library Section:

  3. Here you can add a theme that is not already in your library of themes.

  4. You can then click "customize" on your newly added theme:

  5. When you're happy with your new theme edits, you can click "Go Live" to make the new theme active on your website.

Note: Please note that when you switch to a new theme, any custom pages you've created won't be automatically transferred to the new theme. You'll need to recreate those pages for your new theme.

To avoid any inconveniences, we suggest that you fully edit your new theme and recreate custom pages before publishing it. You'll also need to update your navigation menu to make sure it has any new custom page URLs from recreating your custom pages.

By doing this, your website visitors won't experience any disruptions and will continue to enjoy a seamless experience.

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