You've seen them all over the web, but you might not know that this little image on the tab left side is called a favicon:

Uploading a favicon is a key aspect of customizing the branding on your storefront. If you don't add a favicon, then your site will appear with Uscreen's favicon. The example below illustrates what happens when you do not add a favicon:

Adding a favicon creates an identity for your site and will serve as a visual reminder when users have more than one tab open. This will allow them to navigate back to your site without having to jump from tab to tab until they find your store.

A favicon icon has to be a specific size, or else browsers and devices won’t use them. The sizes should be:

  • 16×16 pixels for browsers

  • 32×32 pixels for desktop taskbars

  • 96×96 pixels for desktop app favicon icons

  • 180×180 pixels for iOS and Android devices

Add a Favicon

Navigate to Customization and click Customize. On the Favicon area, click Upload Image. Then select your favicon file, open it, and upload it. After adding the favicon, scroll down and Save those changes.

To view how your Favicon looks like, view your storefront.

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