Code Editor
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In the Edit Code, you can complete advanced customization such as changing headers, font sizes, colors, overall layout and more if you know how to use Liquid, CSS and basic HTML. Code Editing is only available on the Uscreen Plus plan. Please contact to upgrade your account.

NOTE: If you do not know how to use Liquid or HTML, you will need to hire a developer.

Navigate to Website > Click on the three-dot menu > Edit Code. You can modify the template here using HTML. Our templates are built with Liquid. Refer to Liquid Docs for more documentation.

NOTE: The edit code, code snippets, and custom HTML blocks do not affect native apps. To learn more about native apps customization, please check this help guide.

NOTE: Our support team is unable to assist with custom coding. You are responsible to maintain and update custom coding as needed. We regularly update the Uscreen platform which may impact your custom coding.

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