In GoDaddy, navigate to the domain you want to set up under My Domains and click the three dot menu and Manage DNS. Under Records, you'll be adding a CNAME record for Uscreen.

If you have a CNAME record for www already and can't edit and you don't see a pencil icon next to it, it means you have forwarding turned on. You'll need to turn that off to proceed.

In the end, you should have a record like below:

  • Type - CNAME Record

  • Host - www

  • Value -

  • TTL - 1 Hour

Your naked domain ( should already be redirected to your www domain (, but if you don't see a record for that you can set it up by following the steps below:

How to redirect your root domain to your www with GoDaddy:

1. Just like setting up the DNS records, log in and click the three dot menu and Manage DNS:


2. Scroll down to the Forwarding section:


3. Click Add next to DOMAIN.


4. Configure the settings. You'll enter here:

Click Save and you're all set!

Now visitors who will access will be redirected to automatically.

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