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Typically, you'll want to place links to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, FAQs, and similar pages in the footer. Your top bar navigation should be reserved for selling your content.

Customizing your footer navigation

Navigate to Website. Click on Options (three dots) beside Customize. Select Navigation.

Click the three-dot menu beside Footer to Edit.

Click on Add Menu Item, then go ahead and add a title then select Custom Link. Paste your custom link in the field that appears, then click Save.

Note: You'll typically be adding custom pages to the footer menu so check out our help article on how to create custom pages.

Removing Gift Card Options

If you would like to remove the ability to sell or redeem gift cards from your site, you can edit your footer navigation and remove those 2 options.

Removing the Powered by Uscreen Message

Customers on our Plus plan have the ability to remove the "Powered by Uscreen" message from their storefront footer. If you're not on a Plus plan you can contact to inquire about pricing.

If you're on a Plus Plan please contact support

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