You can customize most of your Catalog page when you access the Customization tab. When you access the Common Pages Customization page, you will customize your Checkout, Account, Catalog, Gift Cards, and Content pages. Changes made here don't affect your home page theme.

To head over there, navigate to the Customization tab and click on Customize.

On the Common Pages Customization page, you will find three different sections. First, you can customize the Storefront's home page, which will customize the home theme page, then the Primary color, and lastly the Favicon of your site.

Under the Account and Checkout Pages section, you can change Color Scheme, add a Logo, and upload a Login page side banner.

Under the Watching Experience section, you can start mostly choose how your users will view your content. You can choose to use the new video player, decide which Playlist Position is best, and what Featured Category would be best to display.

You can also choose to display the My Library and Continue Watching categories. To help your users know if they have already watched something, you can enable the Mark as Watched feature. To let your users know when you go live, you can allow them to Sync Live Events to Calendar. From that section, you can also add a Catalog SEO title and description.

NOTE: Changing the Logo on this view will not affect the logo on the Catalog, but rather only for the login page, user dashboard, checkout workflow, and gift card pages.

If you want to upload a logo for the catalog, you would need to upload it to the Home Page.

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