Adding a terms & conditions page to your storefront will help build trust with your customers. You're not going to see a lot of websites that allow purchases and profile creation without some sort of terms and conditions page, so make sure you have one.

You can also use this page to ask customers to agree to it before making a purchase.

NOTE: If you need help with writing the content for your terms and conditions page we can get you started here with some sample text for you to edit. We still recommend that you consult with your attorney.


Navigate to Customization > Pages and click New Page. Title your terms page and if you know some of the content you want to include here you can type it into the text editor and once you've finished scroll down and toggle Show On Site, then make sure the template option is set to Page, and then you can Save.

Now we need to make the link available on your storefront.


Navigate to Customization > Navigation and click the three dot menu under you footer and Edit. Title your page Terms & Conditions and under Link pick Choose Page and select Terms & Conditions. That's it! Your link to the terms page is now live on your storefront.

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