Some themes in Uscreen allow you to embed a video from YouTube on your Home Page. It's a quick way to give potential customers a taste of your content before they check out your catalog.

Here are the themes that support an embedded video and you'll notice the blocks have a few different names depending on the theme:

  • Summer Triangle - Explainer Video
  • Chameleon - Join Block
  • Polaris - Join Block
  • Lyra - Who Will Guide You

Navigate to Customization and click Advanced > Assets. You'll be able to upload your video file here.

Once uploaded, copy the URL that's provided.


Now back in the Uscreen Admin, navigate to Customization and click Customize > Theme Customization and click on the appropriate block that allows you to add the embed code. You'll see the Video Embed Code section here.

Go to your YouTube video. Click Share. Copy the embed code exactly as it's provided.

Fully remove the default code from the iframe box.

Now paste your embed code from your YouTube video.

You should be all set!

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