We do not recommend performing this change because it's common platform functionality. However, if you do wish to modify this, please be advised that future code pushes on our platform could overwrite or break your customization. If you need assistance with this, here is our list of recommended developers who are highly knowledgeable with our platform and will be best able to assist - Hire a Developer for Advanced Custom Changes

If you are a site admin looking to redirect the Home Page elsewhere while you edit the Home Page and still need to be able to view the Home Page during this process, please contact our support at support@uscreen.tv.

If you know your way around the Code Editor, you can add code to have your homepage redirect either to a custom page, directly to the catalog, or to an external landing page of your choice by following the steps detailed bellow (these steps will make it so that no one, including admins, cannot see the Home Page):

Here's our video about this.

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