We regularly manage customer migrations to Uscreen from a variety of other vendors - including Vimeo OTT! To migrate your customer data to Uscreen, follow these steps:

1. Set-up your Uscreen site including all content, customization, subscriptions, etc. Your Uscreen site should be finalized and ready for customers. Visit our Before Going Live - Checklist

2. If you have ordered a package that includes apps (highly recommended) - set up apps and make sure they are live. We will coordinate the release of apps with the our OTT team to ensure a smooth customer migration.

3. Create a Stripe account and connect it to Uscreen as your payment provider.

4. Ensure all customers are in your Stripe account that is connected to Uscreen. Vimeo/VHX keep customers in their Stripe account, you will need to work with Vimeo/VHX and Stripe to have customers moved from their account to your account. NOTE: This may take several days - please plan accordingly.

5. Review Invite User email template (Settings > Emails > Invite User). Ensure #{{user.name}}, #{{user.email}}, and #{{password}} variables are still included in the template so that Uscreen can fill those in for each customer. Add any other information you want to share and include your site URL or leave the #{{store.url}} variable in place as a link to the #{{store.title}} and the system will automatically add the URL based on the information on the settings tab.

NOTE: If you plan to set-up a custom domain with Uscreen, we recommend that this is completed after the customers are fully migrated to Uscreen. Your Uscreen URL (which includes uscreen.io) in the invite email will automatically forward customers to the correct website once your Custom Domain has been set-up and pointed to Uscreen.

6. Request a CSV file of customer information from Vimeo/VHX. The CSV file should include customer full name, customer email, Stripe ID, and next due date. This file should also include content access information for subscriptions and/or programs which you will match up with the subscriptions and programs in Uscreen.

7. Edit the CSV to include Uscreen subscription and/or program IDs. To locate Uscreen IDs, follow these instructions.

NOTE: Please see the example below before preparing your customer data CSV.


8. Provide the CSV file of customer data to Uscreen Support (support@uscreen.tv). Once the CSV file is received, your migration will be scheduled depending on availability. The migration progress will take approx. five business days. During this time, Uscreen developers will import customers and send the Invite User email with login details.

9. After the migration is complete, remove any subscription records from Vimeo/VHX to prevent your old platform from continuing to charge customers. This will ensure customers are not charged twice as they will now be charged via Uscreen.

10. Set-up your custom domain and point it to Uscreen. Then request SSL be installed on your site by emailing support@uscreen.tv

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