Our new themes require Stripe or Uscreen Payments as payment providers. If you are currently using Braintree and want to migrate to a new theme, you can choose to migrate all customers from Braintree to Stripe OR leave current customers in Braintree and connect Stripe for all future customers.

NOTE: Braintree to Stripe migrations only include customers using credit cards. For customers using PayPal (via Braintree), those customers will remain with Braintree. PayPal payments will be processed by Braintree. You will need to keep your Braintree account for those customers.

To migrate your customer data from Braintree to Stripe, follow these steps:

1. Create a Stripe account.

2. Contact Stripe's customer support to acquire an attestation of Stripe's PCI compliance - this is required by Braintree before they can migrate any customer data.

3. Contact Braintree's customer support to provide them with proof of Stripe's PCI compliance and begin the process of migrating customer data to Stripe.

4. Braintree will securely migrate customer data and credit card information to Stripe. This may take 5-10 business days.

NOTE: Braintree will not migrate transaction history or subscriptions. This is to be expected and will not significantly impact the migration process. Uscreen houses this data and our developers will be able to connect it to customers using their new Stripe IDs after the migration is complete.

5. Once Braintree completes the data migration to Stripe, Stripe will provide a JSON file with Braintree IDs, Stripe IDs, and Source IDs.

6. Provide the JSON file of customer data to Uscreen support.

7. Uscreen Support will schedule a time with developers to disconnect Braintree from your Uscreen account while you standby ready to connect the new Stripe account.

NOTE: We schedule this switchover in advance to reduce any potential downtime between payment providers. Customers will not be able to complete purchases for 5-10 minutes while this process is completed.

8. If any new customers subscribed after the original Braintree migration and before the Stripe connection was completed, contact Braintree to complete a small 2nd migration to Stripe for those new customers. Provide Uscreen Support (support@uscreen.tv) with the updated JSON file of customer data including the 2nd migration of customers.

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