We're sorry to see your customer leaving 😢 but we know sometimes this happens. Customers can cancel a subscription on their own by following these instructions or you can help them as an admin.

If the subscription originated through an app purchase, the end-user must cancel through the app through which the subscription was purchased. Cancelling an in-app purchase via the web UI will not cancel their app based subscription. An admin cannot cancel this for an end-user.

Navigate to the customer you want to cancel a subscription for under People > People and click Edit.

Click on the Subscription tab.

Next, select the three dots on their active subscription.

Click on Cancel. You'll receive a confirmation popup box to confirm if you wish to make this change.

NOTE: By selecting Cancel, the customer will have access until the end of paid billing period. If you choose Delete, their access will be removed right away.

When an admin manually cancels a subscription for an end-user, an email notification is sent to the end-user/customer regarding the cancellation, if you have this email enabled in your Email Templates.

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