Managing In-App Subscriptions
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Information for Store Owners

  • App Subscriptions are managed by each platform (Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku).

  • This includes processing payment, billing, cancellations, and refunds.

  • Users must cancel their subscription on the platform where they subscribed.

App Subscribers: Information in Admin Dashboard

  • You will be able to make changes to a user's access/subscription, but DO NOT.

  • It WILL NOT change the App Subscription since that is managed by the platform.

  • It will create issues and users won't be eligible for a refund (from you or platform).

If you make the following changes for App Subscribers.....

Cancel App Subscription/Revoke Access: No Change

-User loses access to content immediately.

-User continues to get charged monthly by the app platform at the current price.

-Solution: Tell end user to cancel on their device.

Change Subscription Plan/Grant Access: Temporary Access

-No payment information on file; user has access through next invoice date only.

-Solution: Tell user to cancel on their device, then subscribe on website.

Change Payment Date: No Change

-Changes date in the Admin Dashboard only.

-User continues to get charged monthly by the app platform at the current price.

In-App Subscriptions are Managed by End Users:

  • Changes to an In-App Subscription MUST be made by the USER.

  • Users can manage their subscriptions in device/account settings including:
    -View Subscription: Receipt for payment, date trial ends, next payment date
    -Cancel Subscription: User MUST cancel where subscription was purchased
    -Restore Purchase: User has active In-App Subscription but can't access content
    -Request a Refund: User wants a refund for In-App Subscription

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