-In Android, Roku, Fire TV, users create an account then purchase a subscription.
-The process is different in iOS (version 2.8.0) to meet Apple's Guidelines.
-Users have the option to Create an Account/Register.
-They can register before a purchase, after a purchase, or not at all.

After User Creates An Account:
-Added to Admin Dashboard. View User Information (Name/Email; Access; Activity)
-Activates subscription in the Admin Dashboard (User Access).
-Users create Login Credentials and can Sign-In on any platform to access content
-Allows you to address support issues and have more accurate user information

Invoices: Admin Dashboard
If the user:
-Registered then Purchased Subscription: Invoice immediately added in Sales.
-Purchased Subscription then Registered: Invoice added after next payment.

Sales: Admin Dashboard & App Store Connect
-Creating an account is optional, so you may see a discrepancy in Sales.
-It means users haven't registered or their next payment hasn't triggered an invoice.
-All In-App Subscriptions and Payments are managed by Apple.
-For information about In-App Subscriptions/Number sold, refer to App Store Connect.

Remind Users to Create Account: Send Push Notifications
Create an Account. Get access everywhere!
Tap Settings, Login, then Create New Account. Make sure you use your Apple ID to sign up! Then, Sign-In on any platform and start watching!

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