Your Uscreen storefront is automatically setup for access via a web browser. Customers can browse your storefront on any device with a web browser like phones or tablets or even TVs.

However, OTT apps are really how you get regular usage from your customers and research shows that apps increase sales & engagement by up to 30% on average. When was the last time you logged into your email on your phone via the browser? No! You just click that app to open it.

When you've got amazing content that your customers want to watch, apps make it easiest for them to consume that content.

Now, we're big on apps here at Uscreen and we regularly create apps for Uscreeners that let them take their business to the next level.

You'll find the ability to order apps under the Distribution tab.

Current Supported Native OTT Apps

Upcoming Native OTT Apps

  • Samsung TV

  • XBox

  • LG WebOS

When we create an app for you, we make sure it's done under your app developer account. Your app details are completely owned by you but we do the heavy lifting by creating the app.

What Does Customized OTT Apps Really Mean?

When we create an app for you we're using an app template that we're built in-house where we do the research on the optimal experience, we continually see how customers use the app, and we make improvements to the core functionality of the user experience.

The customization we do on your behalf is really about branding the app for your audience. So much of app development is left to the mercy of Android or iOS or Amazon. They provide app developers with the various options and it's up to the developer (Uscreen) to conform to those standards.

So while customizing a website feels like you can almost do anything, customized apps have limitations placed on us by the app stores.

So now that you have an overview of OTT and what we can do for you, check out the other articles in this section to get started.

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