Currently, we don't support tiered subscriptions, but plan to release this functionality later in 2020.

In the interim, there's a workaround. However, it won't work for native app in-app purchases, if you have this enabled.

With Zapier, you can set some automation in place to set up additional access to content by combining subscriptions and bundles. This method works well for those looking to sell live events as part of a premium plan.


Create at least two subscriptions

In the pricing options, only enable "Include in my Subscription plans" for the content that will be available in the non-premium package.

Then, assign extra/premium content to a bundle.

Automation Logic in Zapier

If you'd rather watch these instructions, you can view the video here.

The first step is to set a "Paid Order" Trigger in Zapier, so it gets activated when an end-user purchases a Subscription.

The second step consists of configuring the "Enroll Customer" Action. Only the Subscription/Bundle and Email fields are required.

With this setup, when the end-user purchases the premium subscription (Trigger), they will also be enrolled in the premium bundle (Action). Please refer to List of Zapier Triggers.



We only have a trigger to enroll a customer, but we don't have to revoke the access to the bundle. The solution is to create another automation as follows:

Setup a "Cancelled Subscription" Trigger

Use the messaging/email app of your choice to receive a notification so you can manually revoke the access to the bundle.

For instance, you can use Gmail to send you an email when a Subscription becomes canceled. With this reminder, you can revoke access to the premium content manually.

The final result will send you an email (Action) when a subscription has been canceled (Trigger).

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