Our newly released catalog page, program page, and player are only available for sites using new themes. If you are currently using an old theme and want to enjoy these new features, we will help you migrate to a new theme through the steps outlined below.

To migrate from an old theme to a new theme, follow these steps:

1. Create a backup of your live/production site.

2. Request a development environment (or dev site) from Uscreen Support (support@uscreen.tv). The dev site will allow you to test new themes to find the theme that works best for you.

NOTE: Dev sites are populated with stock content like a new Uscreen account. We are unable to copy over content or programs from your live site. Instead, we recommend uploading just enough content to create a program (a few thumbnails, video, etc) in order to see what programs look like in the new theme you have selected.

3. Customize the new theme in the dev site. Ensure all theme and design related elements are set up how you want them to appear after the migration.

4. Review additional pages in your live site and dev site. Make a list of pages that need to included or deleted during the migration to the new theme.

NOTE: By default, we will move pages listed in the Theme Editor including home page, catalog page, and log-in page. If you have created additional HTML pages we need to confirm which pages you want to be included in the final live site.

5. When the dev site is done begin customized, contact Uscreen Support to begin the migration process and to provide the list of additional pages to include in the migration.

6. Uscreen Support will schedule a time with developers, generally in the morning (EST) at the beginning of the week, to complete the migration.

7. During the scheduled time, the migration will take approximately 30-60 mins. Uscreen Support will notify you as soon as the migration process is complete.

8. After the migration is complete, we recommend putting your site to maintenance mode while checking all links and content. Depending on the complexity of your site, checking the site may take 30 minutes to 2 hours. At this time, report any issues to Uscreen Support for resolution.

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