Resources for Video Editors and Converters
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Uscreen is the premier choice for hosting, selling, and distributing your VOD and SVOD content.

While we don't offer consulting services on video converting and editing, we do have standard video guidelines:

  • Format MP4 (file extension .mp4)

  • 1080p/2K or smaller - Videos less than 2048x1152p are considered standard

  • 8Mbps or less - bit rates higher than 8Mbps can cause playback issues for viewers

  • H.264 video codec - the most common codec and supported by almost every device

  • 10-second max keyframe interval

  • 8-bit 4:2:0 or less

  • Closed GOP (group of pictures)

Large, uncompressed video files or files with the wrong format may not upload properly and can get stuck in transcoding.

We accept most audio formats, but some things outside of AAC/MP3 will be transcoded, which may delay the readiness of the asset. Otherwise, we take non-stereo input and convert it to stereo; for higher fidelity audio, create the content with prepared stereo audio before uploading.

We also offer tips on how to reduce your video file size without sacrificing quality. We highly recommend you read it!

In addition, below are some resources for commonly used video editing and converting services. If the link for your respective service is not below, or it does not answer your question, we suggest searching Google or YouTube for helpful tutorials.

Amerisoft Video Converter -

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