Although you can enable maintenance mode while setting up your site, your Uscreen website is live from the get-go. However, before sharing it, there are a few things you should check to make sure it is running smoothly. This checklist was designed to help you double-check if you have everything ready to launch. After confirming that everything is working well, you are all set for success.

Before going through this checklist, please go through the "Steps for Launching" guide to review what changes you should go through when creating your site.

1. Uploaded and Organized Content

2. Customized Storefront

2.1 Theme

  • Selected a Theme

  • Duplicated the theme

  • Uploaded your Logo and branding

  • Added a Favicon

2.2 Home Page

2.4 Additional Pages

2.6 Test User Review

2.5 Final Checks:

  • Tested all links/buttons

  • Checked for spelling/grammatical errors, consistency, and spacing issues

3. Connected Payments

4. Enabled Marketing Tools

5. Set up General Settings

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