After adopting tiered subscriptions—subscription plans that can have a separate set of content per tier—a user might want to change between plans to have access to different content. So they can switch from one plan to another from their own dashboard.

When a user changes their subscription plan from their account page on the dashboard, Uscreen calculates their current, unused balance and then applies it towards the daily cost of the new subscription price.

Whether the former and new subscription plans are monthly, yearly, or some other duration, Uscreen breaks the cost of that down into a daily price. In essence, all subscription plans get broken down into a monthly rate and then divided by the average days in a calendar month (approximately 30.41 days).

From there, Uscreen will compare the current unused balanced of the user against the new daily cost and will invoice the user once their current balance is exhausted by the new daily rate.

This in-system balance form of crediting only applies when the customer changes their subscription plan through their dashboard. If an Admin changes the subscription plan for a user via the Admin area on the user's behalf, the Admin will need to make sure to adjust the next billing date accordingly, otherwise, the user may be charged much sooner than they should be.

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