What Happens When Users Change Their Subscription Plan?

Upgrading a subscription can leave users with a credit applied towards the new subscription.

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Some users may want to change their subscription plan, maybe they are switching from a monthly to a yearly plan or upgrading to a new subscription tier. To make it easier for you, your users can switch from one plan to another from their account page.

When a user changes their subscription plan, we'll provide them credit for the unused time on their current plan and discount that from the new plan cost.

In most cases where a user is upgrading plans, they will have a discounted charge for the new plan, but if the user is downgrading it's possible they may end up with a credit that is more than the new charge. They'll see this credit in the dashboard in the balance section and next time they are charged we'll simply draw from that balance first.

You can see an example of the screen your users may see below when upgrading to a yearly plan from a 6-month plan:

How is invoicing handled?

If a customer decides to switch from say a monthly plan to a yearly plan, they will immediately start the new yearly plan. Any remaining credit from their current month will be used towards the total cost of the yearly plan. A new invoice will be issued right away.

If a customer wants to switch from one yearly plan to another yearly plan before their current plan expires, they will receive an invoice for the remaining time left on the current plan at the new plan's price. This invoice will reflect the difference in cost between the two plans and will be charged immediately. For instance, if the customer has 30 days left until their current yearly plan renews, they will be charged for the difference in cost between the previous plan and the new plan. After 30 days, they will receive a new invoice for the full year of the new plan.

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