What Happens When my Live Stream is Done?

What happens to live streams once they end?

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Once your live stream is marked as "Finished," the thumbnail, title, and all front end access to the live event will be removed from your storefront. Users who navigate to your live event link after it's finished will see a 404 page as the content is no longer available. To let your users know when the event will be over, you can add a time estimate to the event's email notification. You can also publish the event recording so users can watch it later. Below we will share a few useful tips concerning 404 page customization, live streaming email notifications, and event recording.

404 Page Customization

You may wish to customize your 404 page to show a branded message to users attempting to visit a finished Live Event. To have a step-by-step explanation of how to customize it, read the guide on how to brand the 404 Page. Keep in mind that its customization will apply to all pages that might not exist on your site, so it's unadvisable to make the customizations specific to one event. We recommend wording such as "This content is no longer available, please check back later" or "If you're trying to access a live event and see this page, it means the live event is over. A recording of the video will be available shortly."

If you'd like to provide feedback on this, please submit a feature request to send your feedback directly to our Product Team.

SEO URL Handle

When you are setting up your live event, you can change the URL Handle for SEO purposes. However, when you end the event, the URL will remain the same, and you won't be able to reuse it. If you would like to keep using the same URL Handle, we would encourage you to change the URL Handle of the event just before you finish it. This is particularly helpful if you have a recurring event. If you do want to reuse it, but you already finished the event, then you can delete the finished event for the URL Handle to be available.

Go Live Automated Emails

Automated emails are a great way to help your users always get a notification when new content is added. When you create a live event, you can allow users to get an automated email notification when your event goes live, and adding more details can be beneficial to users. The information added could include a notice that the live event link will no longer work once the live event concludes, estimated duration of the event or when it will end, and that users can either check the catalog or their bundle after a certain amount of time to gain access to the recording (if this is how you set up your live events).

Live Event Recording

In the Admin Area, Uscreen will work to provide a copy of your live event, which will be available as an unpublished piece of content under your Videos section after concluding the event. The length of time it takes for the system to complete this process depends on the duration of your live event, with shorter event recordings being available faster than lengthy live events.

Please note that we always recommend you also record your live event as the recording Uscreen provides is complimentary, and in rare instances, the recording may become corrupt or unavailable.

If you want, you can sell the recording in a bundle or a subscription plan so users can rewatch it.

The recording of your live event will not carry over any of the descriptions or settings from the live event. You will need to manually edit the recording video and add any description or other information as you desire.

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