If you are not using our Stripe, Uscreen Payments, or Authorize.net, but have set up an alternative Payment Providers via Zapier, you may have noticed that the CTA button from your Programs page will still point you to Uscreen's checkout.

Unfortunately, you cannot change this without custom code, but we present you with a solution that you can implement via Code Snippets.

This advanced tutorial is for Web Developers or users who are familiar with HTML, CSS, Liquid, and Javascript. We provide this for educational purposes. If you aren't proficient with those programming languages, please do not try this and hire a Web Developer for Advance Custom Changes instead.

For security and performance reasons, we do not recommend customizing Common Pages with code. We do not guarantee that customizations will continue to work in the future as new features or versions of the platform are released.

Before you change code, always make a backup of your site.

First, copy and paste this piece of code inside the Head Code Snippet:

// Change the line below
let destinationUrl = '../join';

// Don't change anything below, only the line above
let detectProgramPage = () => {
if (document.location.href.includes('/programs')) {
let ctaButton = document.querySelector('a.access-screen--btn')
if (ctaButton) {
ctaButton.setAttribute('href', destinationUrl);
setTimeout(() => detectProgramPage(), 300)

Finally, update the "destinationUrl" variable with your actual payment destination link.

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