Are the subtitles too small after adding the VTT file? You can change the subtitle font size to make it easier for viewers to read.

If you need help knowing how to add subtitles, please read our help guide on the topic so you can have a step-by-step explanation.

To change the font size, insert a small line of code to either a new CSS file or add it directly to the theme.liquid file. We recommend making a backup before making any changes to your site.

To add the code:

Navigate to Customization, select Advanced, and on the drop-down box, click Code Editor. From there, click on theme.liquid which is under Templates, and you will be ready to add the code.

According to your video player version, add the code below just before the closing style tag:

Video Player 1.0

.plyr__caption {
font-size: 24px;

Video Player 2.0

.uplayer-video-cue span {
font-size: 24px !important;

After adding the subtitles, click Save Changes. You should be all set!

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