HookSounds is a royalty free music service created by artists for content creators. Aside from their music and sound effects libraries, HookSounds offers custom track requests, which allows you to ask for a specific song created specially for you. Their service covers YouTube, social media and video on demand platforms.

All HookSounds subscriptions are 25% off for Uscreen users. Use code USCREEN25 at checkout. Make your content sound more special!

Plans cleared for Uscreen

Both the Premium and Business subscriptions cover Uscreen users, as well as YouTube and social media platforms. Once you’ve purchased your subscription, be sure to add to your user dashboard, the link to your YouTube channel, Facebook and/or instagram account in order to whitelisted and avoid getting copyright claims.

How to activate the offer

All HookSounds subscriptions are 25% off for Uscreen users. To activate the offer, go to www.hooksounds.com/licensing and choose the subscription that works better for your needs. Either the Premium and Business subscriptions cover Uscreen users*. Here you can also select if you want to pay monthly or annually.

Once you’ve chosen the subscription you want to purchase, go to your cart and introduce code USCREEN25 to activate the discount. Fill in the information requested and all done! You will have full access to HookSounds’ royalty free music.

*single-use licenses are not included on the discount

How to get started with the platform

To start using HookSounds you will have to create an account with your email. Once you’ve done that, you can choose to download a single track via the individual licenses or buy a subscription, for which you will have a 25% off with code USCREEN20.

If you have any doubts don’t hesitate in contacting HookSounds via their web chat or at support@hooksounds.com

How to whitelist your YouTube channel or videos

In order to avoid any copyright claims when using HookSounds’ music, you will have to add the link to your channel and/or videos on your User Dashboard. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Click on your username (top right of the page) and go to Profile

  2. On the list located on your left, select Clear Channels or Clear Videos (depending if you want to clear your entire channel or just a particular video in which you have used the music)

  3. Add the link to it and click on Save Changes

  4. You will receive a confirmation once it has been reviewed and whitelisted

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