People dashboard provides an overview of your users. It allows you to monitor users activity, impersonate their account, make account edits, look into their payment history, and give or remove access to a paid content.

People Dashboard

In the Admin Area > People you'll see a list of all users that exist for your store. The list contains:

  • users that have created an account through the live site (also without completing the checkout).
  • users that have been invited to the store manually from the People panel backend.

If you're wondering about the Subscription Status of the user, please see our guide on how to search and filter users.

You can impersonate a user by clicking a Hat icon. To access a user profile or account information, click on Edit.

User profile

This panel contains information about user account, such as general account information, payments, activity and content access. See each panel overview below.


Overview dashboard displays 30 Days Overview about the Watch Time of the user. You can also see Top Videos watched by the user the most.

To get more information about Watch Time of the platform, visit Analytics > Watch Time panel.

General Info

General Information panel contains basic information about the user.

You can see and make changes to:

  • Private note about the user
  • User's name and surname
  • Email address
  • Set new password, send password reset link to user's email and copy password rest link

You can also delete a user via the Delete Customer option. If you're an an Owner or an Admin of the store, you'll receive an email notification about this action.

See more information about what happens after a user is deleted in this guide.


Payments panel gives an overview of user's invoice history. To know more about invoice statuses, visit our guide.

To open an invoice, click on the invoice number. You'll find information about the purchase, including the breakdown:

  • Content purchased
  • Origin of the payment
  • Coupon code or gift card used
  • Subtotal
  • VAT (if applicable)
  • Earnings - which is a subtotal minus payment provider fees.

You can refund user by clicking Refund button.

Activity Log

Activity Log panel displays users history up through the last 6 months. See all activity Types and Sources by filtering the dashboard:

Please note that in-app activity of the user won't be reflected in Activity Log dashboard.

Email History

Email History panel shows email history of the user, this includes Email Templates sent by the system, as well as email notifications about Live Event and new Scheduled content release.


With Subscriptions panel you can see which subscription plan user has access to. You can also manually grant access to the subscription.

Assigned subscription will have one of three statuses:

  • Active - including when in trial.
  • On Hold - subscription access removed due to unpaid invoice. Learn more about this status.
  • Pending Cancellation - User canceled the subscription in their Dashboard. Cancellation will be completed with the next renewal date.

By clicking on three vertical dots you can:


The panel displays one-time purchase and rental content that user has access to. You can remove it or manually assign content by typing in content name in the search bar.


The panel displays bundles that user has access to. You can remove it or manually assign content by typing in bundle name in the search bar.

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