A common scenario when setting up your first live stream is a black screen. Here's how you can resolve this.

Check the following settings

1. It's important to press the Go Live button 15-30 seconds before the actual start time. This step is necessary, otherwise your end-users might see a black screen and your viewers will need to reload their browser to see the content.

2. Verify that the Stream Key is correct

On the Stream tab, you're going to see a Stream Key. This is needed for OBS, and other live streaming softwares, to link with Uscreen.

In OBS, navigate to File > Settings and click the Stream tab. Under Service click Show All and then you'll see Uscreen and then you can paste in your Stream Key below.

3. If you are using OBS, or any streaming software that uses Scenes, make sure that the active scene is selected in OBS. The active scene should be the scene that you have setup to work with your webcam or connected camera.

If you are still experiencing issues after completing the steps above then whitelist OBS in any anti-virus and firewall software with unrestricted local system and internet access.

NOTE: We recommend that you set up a test live event a week before you go live for the first time to ensure your setup is in proper functioning order. This will give you sufficient time to troubleshoot and correct issues, such as a black screen.

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