Provide the best experience for your users with the new video player: Video Player 2.0.

When using Video Player 2.0, your videos will load much faster than our previous version.

We will also support the iOS native player out of the box. When it comes to close captioning, you will see a major improvement if you wish to offer captions in your videos.

To help Android users, when they rotate their screen to watch a video, the screen will no longer turn black, and they will watch the video as they wish. It is also designed to provide better support for Chromecast. Another bonus is that it will play videos in the background, even when users swap to another tab. And autoplay has just improved for different devices!

To start using the new player, navigate to Customization and click Customize. Scroll down to the Vido Player 2.0 section, under Watching Experience, and toggle the box next to Use new video player, then Save the changes.

To compare what each player looks like, the older player has the following display:

And Video Player 2.0 has the following display:

With the new player, users will have the option of skipping the video ahead 10 seconds by clicking the Forward button or going back 10 seconds to rewatch a section by clicking on the Backward button.

Along with those changes, users will also have keyboard shortcuts to adjust the video to how they would like to view it. When they click on the Gear icon and select Keyboard Shortcuts, all of the options will appear.

They can play or pause the video, enter or exit fullscreen, rewind, change the volume, and mute simply using the shortcuts as shown below:

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