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Plus Account Onboarding and Setup
Plus Account Onboarding and Setup
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This comprehensive Onboarding and Setup Guide for Enterprise customers will take you step-by-step through the most important tasks associated with getting your Uscreen site up and running. Your site setup is important for the OTT app building process too.

We suggest you bookmark this page and come back to it each time you and your team are setting up your site until you've launched!

Upload & Organize Your Content

  • Live Streaming & Live Chat

Designing Your Website

At Uscreen your website is referred to as your Storefront. To customize your Storefront go to your Website tab.

  • Select and install a theme: In Website, you'll see a Theme Gallery where you need to select a theme for your website. This will be the general style for all of the pages on your site. Learn more about our themes.

  • Further customization: In addition to your theme, you have further customization capabilities using the landing page builder. You can replace your home page with a landing page and/or add a new page to your website.

    • Note: Some changes on the Catalog page need to be made from the Theme Homepage, such as the Catalog page's header, footer, and settings. If you are using a landing page as your homepage, and decide you want to change those settings on your Catalog page, you need to go back and edit your Theme's Homepage.

  • Code Changes: For advanced customization to your theme, you can always use the code editor. However, you won't be able to edit your Catalog and Player/Video page using the code editor. If you want to edit those pages a developer can help you. Here are some great outside developers we recommend.

    • To add HTML or CSS to your landing page simply go to the landing page > Click the (+) option in between your blocks and select the block > Custom HTML

Sell Your Content

  • These are all the ways you can sell your video content.

    • If you want to offer Tiered Subscription plans, learn more on this page. For example a Basic Plan, and a Premium Plan that includes additional content.

  • In addition to selling your videos individually and within your subscription plans, you can also group and sell videos by putting them in a Collection and/or Bundle.

Choose a Payment Provider

  • You can find more information about your Payment Provider options here.

  • Your options are Stripe and

  • Paypal can also be set up as an additional payment provider, but it cannot be your main payment provider.

    • We recommend adding Paypal as an additional payment option because 11% of all online sales are done through Paypal.

  • Note: once you have customers making recurring payments, you will not be able to easily switch payment providers.

Marketing Tools

Below are some help guides on the Marketing tools we offer.

  • Gift Cards: Your end-users can purchase Gift Cards from you to share with their friends and family here.

  • Landing Pages: Create beautiful landing pages to push people to your website. These landing pages are super customizable and really fun for promoting your website.

    • You can also replace your homepage with a landing page you have created.

  • Giveaway funnels: Help you gather end-user contact information and market to them.

  • Marketing Automations: Enable the marketing automations we've built for you. Learn more about our marketing automations (Abandoned Cart, Reduce Churn, Try Again for Free).

  • Subscription Upsell: Increase your users' Lifetime Value by encouraging them to purchase your yearly plan instead of the monthly subscription. See how to set this up here.

Authenticate your domain name

It's important to set this up so that whenever emails are sent from your site, all of the emails will be sent using the verified email domain to help your users get all the information you send their way. Here you will find instructions on how to set this up.

Go Live Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything set up and ready to go for launching your website!

We're Here For You!

  • Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is always available for any questions or guidance you may need on the platform.

  • Feel free to contact them directly at any time to set up a call or discuss anything by email, or contact the team through if you're unsure of who to contact.

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