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Encourage App Installs Overview
Encourage App Installs Overview

Smart pop-up for users browsing your storefront on their mobile phones to encourage them to install your mobile apps.

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We offer a smart pop-up for users browsing your storefront on their mobile phones that can prompt them to download your mobile apps!

Overview and Limitations

This feature is only available for stores with native apps: iOS or Android. If your native apps are live and you don't see the option to enable the feature, please reach out to our Support Team at

The smart popup appears only for paying users. We want to encourage app installation among existing users and not subscriptions via in-app purchases (due to higher fees in the marketplaces). The smart popup appears when the user opens a session on a mobile device with iOS or Android and:

  • They purchased or rented access to a video.

  • They bought a subscription.

NOTE: When testing this feature, impersonating a user from the Admin Area won't create a session, and the web browser won't show the popup.

How to Enable

To use this feature, please open the Admin Area, navigate to the Mobile & TV Apps tab, and select Preferences, then you will see the button to enable App Install Prompt. Enable the checkbox and click Save.

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