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Change the Google Mobile Search Results Favicon
Change the Google Mobile Search Results Favicon
Updated over a week ago

Google Search doesn't show the favicon on the search results pages for desktops, but it shows them on mobile devices and tablets.

To get your favicon displayed in Google's search results on mobile devices, you will need to:

Google Search Engine looks for the favicon on the main domain when it crawls your site. If a default subdomain is used (like, Google will use Uscreen's favicon. When you set up your domain, Google will use the favicon you uploaded to our platform.

NOTE: Suppose you upload a different favicon. You may want to inform Google about the change. Do not hesitate to request re-indexing of your site's home page. You can click Request indexing on the inspection result page for the URL on the Google Search Console.

Please note that updates can take a few days or longer to appear in search results.

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