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What to Do if Stripe Blocks, Restricts, or Declines Your Account?
What to Do if Stripe Blocks, Restricts, or Declines Your Account?

Appeal a Stripe account rejection or freeze and know what to do if Stripe declines your review request

Updated over a week ago

Stripe is a third-party company, and while our platform integrates well with them for operation purposes, we cannot intervene when they block a merchant account and do not control any part of the process.

Please ensure your activity is not part of Stripe's Restricted Business List.

Declined Applications

Sometimes Stripe will decline accounts due to the content they serve. Sometimes though, they get it wrong and it's not easy to dispute. Many times their decisions on whether to allow content on their platform are final.

We recommend reaching out to Stripe to further discuss your application.

Blocked and Frozen Accounts

If Stripe has blocked or frozen your account, we'd advise contacting them as soon as possible to find out why your account is frozen or rejected.

Sometimes, it can be a misunderstanding, and Stripe can restore your access quickly.

If they cannot reactivate your account, we'd recommend contacting affected customers and letting them know about your situation. If you enabled it as your secondary payment provider, they could use PayPal.

Then you can contact Stripe again to appeal their decision to terminate your account.

Suppose the appeal fails and you believe the termination is unjust and violates your rights, you should seek legal advice from a professional lawyer.

Finally, determine if you have a balance in your favor before Stripe transfers it to their holding account. Your funds can be locked for at least two weeks before you can get them transferred.

Note: Uscreen has no control over funds in your Stripe account. You will need to work with Stripe on receiving payouts of your Stripe balance.

Terminated Accounts - How to move forward

If Stripe terminated your account due to a violation of their terms of service, one option is for you to set up a custom checkout workflow with another payment provider.

We have created an educational Help Guide about the Minimum Requirements to Develop a Custom Checkout Workflow. However, this solution may require Hiring a Developer for Advanced Custom Changes.

Note: Our support team is unable to assist you with setting up a custom checkout workflow.

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