Most Uscreen catalogs load within the two-second mark based on GTMetrix (server located in Vancouver, CA), an exceptional speed for web pages with extensive dynamic media content.

According to Pingdom Tools (server located in Washington DC, US), the catalog loads in 1,72 seconds.

NOTE: Testing on servers outside North America may produce slower results in the speed test. This behavior is expected because the test does not consider the CDN (Content Delivery Network), which has POPs (points-of-presence) worldwide.

NOTE: The loading speed decreases as you add more content to your catalog. We recommend arranging your content in collections if it reaches an excessive size.

For instance, using GTMetrix's Waterfall, we can observe elements from the first chunk of the catalog load within two seconds. It includes all videos from the first four categories.

At this point, the site is fully functional, chunks of the featured videos will continue loading without affecting the user experience, and other chunks will load as you scroll down.

Our Catalog page has additional loading optimization features:

  • Images are rendered in webp format based on the screen resolution with 2x and 3x options for retina displays.

  • The Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores a copy of the optimized images in the nearest point-of-presence for your end-users

  • Lazy loading for catalogs with more than four categories.

Once cached, you will notice the catalog page will load even faster. For instance, it can load under the two-second mark.

A cached version of the Netflix catalog will load in 2-3 seconds for your reference.

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