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Countries Sanctioned by the U.S.
Countries Sanctioned by the U.S.
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As of June 2021, countries or regions subject to U.S. sanctions (either unilaterally or in part) include the list below. This list may not be comprehensive and may change at any time. Please refer to the US Treasury website for detailed information.

Note : Not all of the U.S.'s economic sanctions are economic or against entire countries. Some are against specific individuals or entities. We recommend consulting a lawyer before doing business in any country.

  • The Balkans

  • Belarus

  • Burma

  • Burundi

  • Central African Republic

  • Cuba

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Hong Kong

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • Mali

  • Nicaragua

  • North Korea

  • Russia

  • Somalia

  • Sudan

  • South Sudan

  • Syria

  • Ukraine/Russia

  • Venezuela

  • Yemen

  • Zimbabwe

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