First, import your data into Google Sheets.

NOTE: For this tutorial, we will use the Granular Analytics report. This report is only available on the Uscreen Plus plan. Please get in touch with our Sales team for more information.

Select the cells you want to create a Pivot Table from, open the Insert menu, and click on Pivot table.

We recommend selecting New sheet. Then click on Create.

It will create an empty pivot table. Then you need to select the data, organize it and summarize it. Pivot tables offer more flexibility when you create custom reports.

We'll see some examples below.

Get a count of videos watched by individual user

  1. Add Author Title to Rows

  2. Add Video ID to Values

  3. Summarize by COUNT

It will count the rows, including a Video ID for each Author Title.

Get the total watch time per user

  1. Add Author Title to Rows

  2. Add Duration to Values

  3. Summarize by SUM

It will sum up the Duration of every view per Author Title.

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