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Sometimes you may want to bulk update content, whether it is removing a large number of content, rearranging content into different categories, etc.

Our team is able to assist with these requests. We have backend tooling that allows our team to submit a CSV file for the changes you're looking to complete.

Bulk Update Requests are limited to customers on our Pro or Plus plans.

In order for us to process these CSV files, we'll need you to download a template, listed below in this article, and complete and verify the data in the file.

NOTE: Our team will not be able to complete these files for you. You will need to submit a completed file with your bulk update request. Our team is not responsible for any inaccurate data processed in bulk update requests. Please make sure you have accurately filled out the file and have verified all the data is accurate and present.

Exporting Data from your account

You can download a list of your videos to get important information such as Video ID. To do so please head to Content > Videos > More Actions > Export CSV

Example Download:

Utilizing exports from your account can help you quickly gather the required data to fill out your CSV file.

Submitting Your Request

Please find the appropriate CSV template below and fill it out. You do not need to fill out all of the columns, only the columns you want to change.

For example: If you want to update video descriptions you only need to fill out the Video ID and description columns.

Once you have filled it out and have verified all of the data, please email it to our support team at support@uscreen.tv with clear instructions about what you're looking to do. Without clear instructions, we can't guarantee that there won't be any issues with your update request.

Please note that bulk updates usually require a processing time of approximately 7 to 10 business days to complete.

Downloading Templates

Please use the templates provided below as the files for your request

  • Video Sample.CSV - Used for video updates such as bulk deletion

  • Collections Sample.CSV - Used for collection updates such as pricing changes

  • Categories Sample.CSV - Used for category updates such as description changes

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