Canceling Your Customer's Subscriptions

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    Sorry to see your customer leaving šŸ˜¢ but we know sometimes this happens. Customers can cancel a subscription on their own by following theseĀ instructions or you can help them as an admin.

    To cancel a customer's subscription:

    -Navigate to theĀ CustomersĀ tab

    -Search for the customer by name or emailĀ Ā 

    -Click on their name or the three dots and clickĀ Show


    -Click AccessĀ where you will see all available subscription plans

    -Find theĀ ActiveĀ subscription plan for the canceling customer

    -Click on theĀ three dots and choose Cancel


    -Confirm the cancellation by clickĀ OKĀ on the pop-up


    -The subscription will now be listed as canceled


    NOTE:Ā By selecting Cancel, the customer will have access until the end of paid billing period. If you chooseĀ Delete, their access will be removed right away.



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