Uscreen + AWS + Sendy + Zapier

Sending Mass Emails via AWS:

There is not an out of the box solution available in AWS to accomplish sending mass emails. Aside from needing to connect that with Uscreen. Most people are using systems available in the AWS marketplace such as the below to handle sending mass emails/email marketing: 
This option has it's own costs associated with it. 

If you look here at the page below you see the Next Steps section towards the bottom of the page:

If you look at the third bullet point they show below you'll see there are a couple different methods for setting up bulk email sending. Both of which are outside the scope of what Uscreen would be able to assist with. This would require help from an AWS developer/Cloud Support person.

"Decide whether you will send your bulk email using the Amazon SES SMTP interface or API. You can use the API either directly or through an AWS SDK."

An additional option to the marketplace link above for OpenEMM would be this service which behaves similarly to MailChimp and OpenEMM but is very cheap compared to MailChimp:

This option would allow you to import your current Uscreen customers by uploading a CSV file that you can get in Uscreen Admin Panel > Customers > Export CSV However I don't see an option to create a embedable form or other type of form to allow the customer to add their email to the marketing campaign like MailChimp offers. The reason the form is important is because it automates the process of getting the customers email added to the campaign. Our MailChimp integration does this too but the form is a better option in my opinion because it's directly connected with MailChimp.

Overall Sendy is the best option for low cost mass email marketing. At a glance I don't see a way to automate the process but you could always manually do the export from Uscreen, then import to Sendy. Sendy works with AWS.

A potential solution lies in the Sendy + Zapier integration as seen here:

Between our platform Zapier integration and Sendy's ability to integrate with Zapier you should be able to make the connection that way. My recommendation is to try out Sendy + AWS and import your Uscreen customers manually into Sendy to start, then work on making Zapier + Uscreen + Sendy connect to each other. 



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