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    Programs tab is where the Admin manages programs or edits an already existing program. Programs include your videos & assets and is a structured way to sell your content.  Programs can include videos, audio, attachments, and other content types. 


    Inside the Programs area you will find: 

        1. General - Fill in the Title, Description, upload your program thumbnail/poster and select a category to assign to your program. 
        2. Upload - Browse from your local machine to upload content, or connect to Wistia or Vimeo to upload videos. You can upload videos, audio, any attachment type.
        3. Structure - Organize your program menu. This is where you can setup a chapters list, episodes or even a course track. Use sections further organize your uploads into groups.
        4. Publish - Set a price and publish your program, you can set fixed price & rental prices here, leave the price as blank if you wish to add this to a subscription or bundle. You can also schedule a program for release here.  Choose the status of your program here, such as unpublished, published & scheduled.

    From the Program Main page you can also click the 3 dots to edit the following:

    • Edit Program - Edit an already existing program.
    • Advanced Program Settings - Add SEO Title and Description, customize the URL for your program and add tags to help optimize search for this program.
    • Preview Program - Preview a program to see how a customer would see your program after gaining access.
    • Delete Program - Permanently remove your program from everywhere.



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